FNB Branch Code

In South Africa’s banking world, having the right branch code for electronic money transfers is super important. First National Bank (FNB), which is a big deal in the country’s money world, has come up with a simple solution called the Universal Branch Code. It makes things easier and quicker for FNB customers when they’re doing transactions.

FNB Branch Code Universal

The FNB Universal Branch Code is really easy to use compared to the old branch-specific codes. It’s like a special key with the numbers 250 655. This key helps you access FNB’s big network for sending money electronically. The code has only six numbers, showing how FNB wants to make things simple and easy for its customers.

FNB Branch Code

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Below is a table showcasing postal codes for various locations, representing a diverse range of regions.

Location Postal Code
Midrand 210553
Pretoria 251445
The Glen 259605
Braamfontein 251905
East London 260210
Greenstone 201510
Lenasia 210007
Fourways View 251655
Kempton Park 210016
Park Station Johannesburg 210026

For International Transactions

FNB helps its customers do money stuff with people in other countries. They give them a special code called SWIFT code, like FIRNZAJJ. This code is like a passport for money. It helps banks all over the world talk to each other safely and move money between them. Also, get info about Standard Bank Branch Code.


Basically, the FNB Universal Branch Code and SWIFT code show how the bank focuses on making things easier for customers and doing things well. They make it simpler for people to transfer money electronically, so FNB customers can do it easily and with confidence, whether they’re sending money within the country or overseas. FNB keeps coming up with new ideas to make banking better, even as things change in the financial world.

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